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About Brandworks Imagery

Have you ever been driving somewhere and and you saw something that grabbed your attention and whether you stopped to take a photo or you told everyone you talked to about it?

I know I have. But in my case I didn’t stop to take a photo. I probably took 10! My family has often joked that I can turn a 3hour drive into a 5 hour drive. (Something that has actually happened!)

Imagine you are posting on Social Media and people are doing that to your posts!
How amazing would that feel?
How many more people would you reach?

That is what the idea behind Brandworks Imagery was.

In the 30 years I have been doing photography first as a hobby then the later years, in my own business – Mel Thornberry Photography (MTP) – I have taken many MANY photos.
Transitioning into business and talking to a variety of business owners, they all said the same thing:

- They loved my photos
- The photos they took didn’t look anywhere that good.

Enter Brandworks Imagery!
A place where you can have amazing limited edition images that wont be over used, are eye catching and result in your message being seen!

There is no longer a need for overused and sub-par images when you have a place like Brandworks Imagery!

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